Assetpack 3

$ 759

AssetPack3 is a portable tracking device that uses solar power so it simply installation and is IP67 certified. The ability of this device is to report asset position, heading, and speed. Usually Assetpack3 is used to monitor your assets carried by barges or containers. This device can be affixed anywhere made of iron because it uses magnetic-mounting.

Powered by a Cakrawala Monitoring Platform, all of your asset position reports are recorded with the addition of advanced features such as Geo-fence, Breadcrumb, Playback, Map-Overlay, Asset Management, and several analytical features to help you to make a management decisions for increase productivity, security and reduce operating costs.

Supported by 66 Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Satellite iridium which provides advantages in the form of low latency and weather resistance. So it can send position reports in near-realtime.

With Assetpack there are no more cases of losing barges and containers in the deep sea.

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