Hawkeye 6200

The HawkEye 6200 is a Solution for tracking and monitoring maritime operations. Its ability to track any ship around the world using the Iridum satellite network in real-time and is an essential part of safety, monitoring and patrol initiatives for any maritime organization.

Designed for extreme maritime environments, HawkEye 6200 have IP67-IP68 Ingress Protection certified against UV rays, seawater (salt), and dust. The device can be easily mounted on any vessel using the supplied stainless steel mount or optional magnet for multiple configuration options.

Fully integrated with the SkyRoute platform, this device can send automatic event alerts based on events occurring on the device, create custom geofences, activate Quick Position (QPOS) buttons, and update device report interval settings. SkyRouter can also display comprehensive map overlays, both single and multi-screen views.

Key Solution :

  1. Fishing industries
  2. Military and governance
  3. Ship of Search & Rescue
  4. Ship of Cargo and container
  5. Ship of Cruise
  6. Oil & Gas Industry
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