Iridium 9555

The compact, light, and cost-effective Iridium satellite phone, which offers real global coverage anywhere in the world.


Iridium 9555 provides a clear sound quality without interruption in any situation.
Short message
Update all your activities in remote areas to your loved ones with a short message that can be sent via texting.
Low latency
The position of an Iridium satellite with LEO orbits can provide delivery and reception access with low latency in even the worst weather conditions.
Global Coverage
66 Iridium satellites orbiting in LEO orbit, making the Iridium satellite signal range capable of covering the entire world including the north pole and south pole.

Communication Network:

  • Iridium Satellite

Sim Card:

  • New : Rp. 825.000

Iridium Airtime/Pulse :

  • 200 Minutes, Price Rp. 11.000.000 (6 month active period)
  • 600 Minutes, Price Rp. 17.000.000 (12 month active period)

Iridium 9555 packed much of the power into a small form with industrial-class design. This sleek but durable satellite phone is designed to easily go wherever you go.

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