Iridium Extreme PTT Base ( 3 Month Contract )

$ 1.695

Iridium 9575 Push-To-Talk is very useful for mass communication with any individual who is in any part of the world, there are also phone modes with clear voice, sending short messages, and E-mail. More complete and stronger with the Cakrawala monitoring platform that displays the position including the location during an emergency situation. For use in buildings, cars, trucks, heavy equipment, planes, and ships, simply add a docking station with an external antenna.

PTT mode is very easy to use, it’s as easy as creating a talk group by entering other PTT devices into the talk group. Then press the talk button to talk to everyone, then all personnel in a group will hear. Don’t worry about the duration of conversations made through PTT, because the cost is fixed for unlimited talk.

Use PTT to coordinate and manage your operations and business in remote areas such as mining, plantations, offshore drilling, surveyors, military. Iridium Extreme PTT is designed for use in all terrains so it is resistant to dust, raindrops, and shocks, as well as a strong grip so it doesn’t easily slip out of your hand.

You can also top up your talk Airtime, data and subscribe to Cakrawala monitoring credits through us.

With the Iridium 9575 PTT coordination of operations and business anywhere on the planet is made easy. Smooth operation comes with seamless communication.

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