Iridium GO!

$ 2.050

Iridium Go!, Portable devices that provide satellite connectivity when GSM networks are unaffordable.


Can receive and make calls with clear voices, global range, and no interference on your smartphone.
Two-way SMS
Update all your activities in remote areas to your loved ones with a short message that can be sent via texting.
Tracking GPS
You can send or display current positions by clicking the tau button sends them automatically at intervals.
SOS alert
In emergency situations, utilize the available SOS button facility by sending emergency messages to predefined numbers or emails.
Allows you to receive and send files and attachments. Email composition can also be written when the device is offline and will be eroded if the device is already online/connected.
Transfer file/photo
Can transmit from mail or from the app web.
Social network
Sending social media updates such as twitter and Facebook through applications anywhere and whenever.
Browser web
Allows you to browse the internet, Opera mini (iOS) & XWEB for Android devices.
Wi-Fi hotspot
the device can be used as a Wi-Fi Hotspot with a 100-foot radius to up to connect 5 mobile phones.

Communication Network:

  • Iridium Satellite

Sim Card:

  • New : Rp. 825.000

Iridium Airtime/Pulse :

  • 200 Minutes, Price Rp. 11.000.000 (6 month active period)
  • 600 Minutes, Price Rp. 17.000.000 (12 month active period)

Iridium GO! transforming your smartphone to create and receive calls, SMS, email, until track GPS locations with 100% global coverage.

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