Sailor 4300 By Cobham

$ 11.500


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Satellite broadband and voice that use the Iridium Certus network compact designed and easily installed.


Can make voice calls with good clarity due to the support of the satellite network Iridium. this device has 3 independent voice lines.
Allows mail/reporting delivery as a form of two-way communication between the ship’s crew and the officer on land.
Allows internet access with data speeds of over 700 Kbps.
Video call
Video conferences can be conducted with the Video standard definition.
With Iridium satellite network connections, streaming can be performed at good speed and clarity.

Communication Network:

  • Satelit Iridium

Sim Card:

  • New : Rp. 3.750.000

Iridium Airtime/Pulse :

  • 50MB , Price Rp. 8.784.750 / Month
  • 100MB , Price Rp. 15.613.650 / Month
  • 250MB , Price Rp. 23.602.800 / Month
  • 1GB , Price Rp. 34.641.750 / Month
  • 5GB , Price Rp. 42.929.250 / Month
  • 10GB , Price Rp. 62.421.450 / Month

Sailor 4300 L-Band makes communication easier with the global Iridium Certus network and was able to survive extreme conditions, so it did not require special treatment for at least 10 years.

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