SkyLink 5100 (Land-Mobile)

Small-form Internet satellite broadband, with an internet speed of 88kbps. By size 127 x 203 x 32 mm. Dual-mode connections are suitable for the internet in remote regions, transferring data from IoT/M2M sensors in real-time and providing voice communication via Iridium satellites.


Tracking – Monitoring – Following Fleet
Skylink 5100 is capable of functioning as a fleet management system because it has a GNSS Module (Global Navigation Satellite System) and “Cakrawala” monitoring software to monitor the movement of your mobile asset.
Fleet IoT/M2M
Connect all sensors from your mobile assets operating in remote areas via I/O available on Skylink. Access and monitor all your sensor data through the “Cakrawala” monitoring software.
Sending E-mail flexibly through Skylink with a wide variety of mail client applications such as Outlook, Gmail, Thunderbird, etc. capable to attach files up to 2MB when using satellite networks.
Data Sharing
For the purposes of sending reports, Skylink can serve as a data sharing device in the form of low-resolution text, images, and video. However, you need to be alert with quota when using satellite network mode.
VPN / Internet
Enjoy data security when sending and receiving using available access VPN. There are also access filters to control quota leaks for unnecessary things such as Operating System updates and other application updates.
Iridium Voice Lines
Two voice lines are available with the Iridium orbit satellite network LEO that ensures clear sound in your ear. Unlike satellite phones in general that require docking stations (dues) when inside the vehicle, Skylink can directly connect with a regular phone.
VOIP Push-to-Talk (PTT) Apps
Utilize PTT applications such as zello, Zebra WFC, Inricho PTT+, etc, for broadcasting information via VOIP and enjoy audio note with clear sound.
Dual-Mode Connectivity
Skylink implements least-cost routing capable of determining the best network by prioritize mobile networks as the primary option to pressing operating costs. If it loses signal the mobile network, it will automatically switch to the Iridium satellite network.

Communication Networks:

  • Cellular 4G
  • Satellite : Iridium Certus 100

** Satellite network automatically take over the network when 4G LTE out of reach.

Iridium Airtime/Pulse :

  • 10 MB, Harga USD 133.30
  • 25 MB, Harga USD 215.75
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