Thales VesseLINK

$ 12.500



Satellite internet broadbands that are resistant to bad weather and can be relied on as backed up communication. VesseLink uses the latest technology from Iridium namely Iridium Certus.


Voice calls
Voice calls are very possible with this device.
Video Call
Allows video calls seamlessly wherever they are.
Allows browsing with 4G LTE and Iridium network as backed up.
Streaming speed is up to 256 Kbps.
Location Tracking
As location tracker to know the location of an asset periodical in real-time.
Wi-Fi access
Wi-Fi access point 802.11 b/g, multiple user up to 12 devices that can connect with range of 300 meters (1000 feet). It can be used to create Wi-Fi access in mid-ocean RIGs.

Communication Network:

  • Iridium satellite

Sim Card:

  • New : Rp. 3.750.000

Iridium Airtime/Pulse :

  • 50MB , Price Rp. 8.784.750 / Month
  • 100MB , Price Rp. 15.613.650 / Month
  • 250MB , Price Rp. 23.602.800 / Month
  • 1GB , Price Rp. 34.641.750 / Month
  • 5GB , Price Rp. 42.929.250 / Month
  • 10GB , Price Rp. 62.421.450 / Month

VesseLINK operates using the broadband service Iridium Certus over a network of 66 satellites reaching 100% of the world, including deep oceans and poles. The device provides a powerful network service solution that provides reliable sound, text, and video for communications that are important and intense to the captain, crew, and officer.

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