AIS Base Station CS 100

The CS 100 is a high-performance AIS monitoring base station that provides remote, high-capacity reception and processing of all AIS message types and transmissions.

AIS Coast SRT stations enable reliable real-time tracking of all ships over long distances. In addition to monitoring AIS, Coast Station includes additional functionality such as integrated network intelligence with multi-IP address data streaming, support for transmission and network encryption, transmission of multiple AIS AtoN virtual and broadcast-specific messages for select ships. AIS Coast SRT Stations provide the best real-time remote AIS network monitoring solution.


SRT products offer unrivaled ability to be customized for specific applications and markets. Additional features and functions can be combined to implement with the aim of improving the appearance to encryption and messaging features that are complex and tailored to your needs.


  • AIS Base remote allows for high capacity performance
  • Receive all types of AIS messages
  • Full encryption support
  • Send capability: Virtual AtoN, broadcast & Addressed message delivery
  • Smart IP network routing with management support
  • Small size, powerful device with low power consumption
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