HawkEye 7200

$ 1.395

HawkEye 7200 is particularly useful for tracking aircraft on a mission trip. Equipped with two-way-messaging feature, stakeholders can quickly communicate with pilots in case of sudden local NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) changes and sudden changes in travel plans.

Hawkeye 7200 is an Iridium satellite-based portable tracking device, designed for the aviation industry with satellite GNSS Chip GPS/GLONASS/GNSS for accurate position reports.

This device designed for aviation industry with no need STC (Supplemental Type Certification), because this device is a portable with backup battery that doesn’t require a power source from the aircraft. The internal antenna mounted in this device makes it unnecessary to install an external antenna at plane.

Hawkeye7200 is reinforced with the Skyrouter Platform which is available in web versions and mobile applications (android & IOS). SkyRouter displays accurate movement of the aircraft and provides full events report. In the event of emergency situation on the plane, HE7200 has SOS button that can be pressed any time and the notification will appear on SkyRouter’ platform.


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