SkyLink 6100 (Maritime)

Global communications device with mobile and satellite networks (Dual Mode), 0.7 Kg of weight and dimensions 127 x 203 x 32 mm. Designed for clear voice communication, Internet marine, and IoT.


Tracking – Monitoring – Following vessel
The SkyLink 6100 is equipped with the GNSS module (Global Navigation Satellite System) and the RS232 connector to connect the hazard button so that it conforms to the GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress Safety System) rule. All data is presented in the “CakraWala” monitoring software
Voice calls
Two-line voice calls are provided to connect with the regular telephone, so they can be used in the indoors. Unlike other satellite phones that require docking stations (dues) to be indoor wear. Because the satellite Iridium is weather-resistant, a clear sound can keep you enjoying under any conditions, anywhere.
Email sent through Skylink can attach files up to 2MB when using only satellite networks. The email used already supports a wide variety of mail clients such as outlook, Gmail, thunderbird, etc.
Wi-Fi Marine
Provides the crew internet access you can limit. Wi-Fi Skylink can also be used as a local telephone network to facilitate communication
VPN / Internet
Skylink ensures data security with VPN and controls/limits Internet use with access filters, so there is no quota leakage for things that are not required such as Operating System updates and other application updates.
Vessel / marine IoT
Connect all sensors you have on board both digital and analog via I/O available on SkyLink. Enjoy streaming data without meaningful interference and full control of the device you have.
WA / Chatting application
Supports chatting applications such as WhatsApp and Telegram for your ease in coordinating with crews anytime and anywhere. You can also utilize transfer facilities voice note, image, and low-resolution video. However, you need to be alert with quota when using satellite mode.
Utilize PTT applications such as Zello, Zebra WFC, Inricho PTT+, for information broadcasting. Enjoy voice communication with VOIP and clear audio note.
Transfer Picture and video
Send low resolution images and videos from your ship’s CCTV when using satellite networks.

Communication Network:

  • Cellular 4G
  • Satellite : Iridium Certus 100

** Satellite network automatically take over the network when 4G LTE out of reach.

Iridium Airtime/Pulse :

  • 10 MB, Price USD 133.30
  • 25 MB, Price USD 215.75
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